13 stepping in aa dating dating to marriage how long

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13 stepping in aa dating

(Timmy had began AA after being abused as teenager by a man, and had 15 or so years sober by his early thirties before the relapse.) I probably was.

Wesley had four years clean when he and I started dating. He (and I to some extent) didn’t know how living with my mom and dad was not an option for me because of different mental abuses I had growing up with them.

But, like I said, that doesn’t stop everyone from trying to snag you up.In this final installment I bring up a few points and anecdotal pieces of information about my life based on thoughts that have crossed my mind recently.I have met so many great people this past year while sharing my story and learning more about the harms Alcoholics Anonymous have caused to too many people— including myself.I was now a mom of two; my son from my first marriage was entering kindergarten that year.A year or so later, the gay sponsor decided he loved me and during this time I refused to leave Wesley for him, and Timmy fell into a brief but tumultuous crack habit.

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