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Apollo Client for Java Script’s React integration works with React Native on both i OS and Android.

We’re excited about the prospects of further unifying the clients for Java Script, i OS and Android, including sharing a cache between native and React Native.

my; Please note that use of object.set(null) to remove a field from an object is not recommended and will result in unexpected functionality. For example, in a blogging application, a // Declare the types. "); // Create the comment var my Comment = new Comment(); my Comment.set("content", "Let's do Sushirrito."); // Add the post as a value in the comment my Comment.set("parent", my Post); // This will save both my Post and my Comment my; var number = 42; var bool = false; var string = "the number is " number; var date = new Date(); var array = [string, number]; var object = ; var pointer = My Class Name.create Without Data(object Id); var Big Object = Parse.

You don’t need to worry about squashing data that you didn’t intend to update. The “score” field is a counter that we’ll need to continually update with the player’s latest score.// Simple syntax to create a new subclass of Parse. var game Score = new Game Score(); // Alternatively, you can use the typical Backbone syntax. From version 1.6.0 onwards, the Java Script SDK is compatible with ES6 classes. Object.extend("Game Score"); var game Score = new Game Score(); game Score.set("score", 1337); game Score.set("player Name", "Sean Plott"); game Score.set("cheat Mode", false); game, ); After this code runs, you will probably be wondering if anything really happened.To make sure the data was saved, you can look at the Data Browser in your app on Parse.As the generated types are query-specific, you’re only able to access data you actually specify as part of a query.If you don’t ask for a field, you won’t be able to access the corresponding property.

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To use the npm modules for a browser based application, include it as you normally would: Our Java Script SDK is originally based on the popular framework, but it provides flexible APIs that allow it to be paired with your favorite JS libraries.

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