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The Plate Carrier Generation III system, which is currently in the design and contracting process, is shorter and 25 percent lighter than its predecessors, with a more modular fit, according to the slides.

The Marines are also working on an improved adjustable pack frame designed to fit better around body armor and offer better fit options to cover a range of sizes.

Athena Cadence, left, pictured in the Hall of Justice Dec. Cadence went on a hunger strike for 63 days while she was incarcerated last year to protest jail conditions.The change means another 8,856 smaller-stature and 5,711 larger Marines will get gear that fits, according to a presentation for DACOWITS from Lt. Chris Madeline, the Marine Corps' program manager for Infantry Combat Equipment.The Corps' new Enhanced Combat Helmet, which is set to begin fielding this spring, has design features that better accommodate the hair bun, according to the presentation.The Marine Corps, which began an effort to expand the size range of its stock of personal protective equipment as infantry fields opened to women in 2016, now aims to fit all Marines from the 2nd percentile of female troops to the 98th percentile of males.Previously, gear only had to fit the 5th to 95th percentile of men.

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More than a year after the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department announced efforts to house female transgender inmates based on their gender identity, officials say the department is moving in the right direction — but some critics insist it’s not moving fast enough.

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