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He’s either a victim of circumstances, or has no personal stakes in the story Flaws add a skintight layer of conflict.

It can be defensive external conflict or guilt-ridden inner conflict.

I’m including a short list of my own, and several linked lists.

TV Tropes Flaw Index 11 Character Flaws To Use In Your Script Right Now 300ish Flaws (forum) When you choose a flaw, keep in mind that there has to be a reason behind it.

However, you should seriously consider looking into why a character has a certain flaw.

Use the specifics to show the flaw, dialogue to hint at it, and the reactions of other characters to acknowledge its existence. Just have him make a different mistake each time, because you don’t want to get caught in the loop-de-loop of similar scenes. Put him in different situations where the flaw can be acted out. Pro Tip: Let the consequences of the flaw reverberate throughout the story. If it seems impossible to punish your character, or if all the possibilities seem too harsh, then you haven’t given him a Barely there equals watered down, and readers will notice. The fallout should be a natural result of the actions, even if the character and reader didn’t see it coming. As the manager of the DNS root zone, we are responsible for coordinating these delegations in accordance with our policies and procedures. We can’t escape our flaws, and through fiction we experience the emotional rush of overcoming them.It has to be so extreme that there’s no mistaking that it’s a flaw.We’re talking about taking organized up a notch to control freak and then slamming it to flat out manipulative.

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And that brings us to the ways that you can shape the arc. The most commonly espoused arc is the ultimate transformation, where the flaw is eliminated. If you’re going that route, you should avoid including too many scenes where the character beats himself up over the flaw. In a way, this is harder to pull off because you have to convey that the flaw hasn’t been beaten. If you want some help figuring out your character’s flaw and how to deepen it, give me some character info in a comment and we’ll see what we can do.

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