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Act mandating

There are, however, a number of formal ethical codes -- usually set down by professional organizations, but sometimes by law -- that apply to people in particular professional or other positions.Here are some examples of people expected to adhere to a formal code of ethics: A mandated reporter is required by law to report any suspected instance of child physical or sexual abuse or child neglect.It's not always easy to be fair and respectful of everyone's needs and values.This last point brings up a major issue -- one that has intrigued philosophers for centuries.How do you determine what is best for anyone in a particular situation, let alone the best outcome for everyone?

In addition to its simply being the right thing to do, always acting ethically brings some particular advantages with it.Not all of the areas discussed below are covered by a specific legal or ethical code for every profession or community service, but are nonetheless related to ethical behavior for just about any program or organization.All should at least be considered as you define ethics for yourself and your program.What if you don't really understand the whole situation, and your involvement may do as much harm as good -- do you still have an ethical obligation to support or become active on the right side?What if your support or activism endangers or compromises your community intervention?

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If you are actively striving to do "good," how far does that obligation take you?

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