Alexis bledel dating milo

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After the pair's first child was born, Milano thought the name suited the little bub and "would be a lovely homage to Milo Ventimiglia" for helping her family get together.

that he attended an open casting call with 2,000 other kids.

But to us, 13 years later, it’s a different crew,” Ventimiglia, 39, explains about what he felt when he returned to film the four-part revival. “They had that together and you never lose it.” “Jess absolutely loved Rory still — absolutely did.

Though their characters weren't shown dating in the new episodes, some fans have conspiracy theories that Jess might be the father of Rory's baby thanks to an off-screen hookup.), and recounted that he encouraged her to get together with her now-husband.Apparently Milano was torn about dating David Bugliari because he worked for the agency that represented her, but Ventimiglia encouraged her to go for it. Both Bledel and Ventimiglia are nominated for Emmys this year, which means we can expect the beloved onscreen couple to appear at the 69th annual ceremony on Sunday, Sept. However, not to burst your Stars Hollow-loving bubble or anything, but neither Bledel nor Ventimiglia were nominated for their got shut out of this year's Emmys race completely isn't too surprising.but even those four episodes weren’t enough to satisfy fans who still have lingering questions about the lives of the beloved characters. It was absolutely fun, but it was a different experience for us on the inside,” Ventimiglia, who played Rory Gilmore’s second boyfriend Jess Mariano, tells PEOPLE and “To the fan, they see the group of actors, the stories and the characters. But what does Ventimiglia believe about Rory and Jess’ relationship — and the possibility that the baby belongs to his character? Now that doesn’t mean it’s a romantic love — it just means, I think, the two of them found something deep, a connection so deep when they were so young that even though their lives went on different paths, different directions, they had that,” says Ventimiglia of Jess and Rory’s relationship.

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But there's also a major mystery woven throughout the series: how did the family's patriarch, Jack, die?