Altiris pxe configuration utility updating

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Altiris pxe configuration utility updating

The last step was to create add a new Remote App pointing to the VASS.

CMD and distribute the new RDP file to those users With this in place, it only takes a couple of minutes to add a new VASS user by taking an image of their USB dongle and updating the VASS.

Most traffic seems to be over port 80, which is what we have allowed.

The only restriction is that students have to manually enter the name of the staff machine to join the session This week we’ve had a HP Slate 500 to try out and see how we like it for Staff and Students.

Since the release of the i Pad we’ve been under pressure from all and sundry to purchase some and put them around the school, especially in the junior years.

The i Pad’s consumer focus makes it a nightmare on the network, and the concessions that a systems administrator has to make between device permissions, network authentication, wireless security makes them a high maintenance device.

The problem was that our VASS Remote App solution was limited to a single user!

***UPDATE After an email exchange with James Hiscott and some hard work on his behalf, James has an update and Sonicwall have release an update version of the Net Extender available at p=10 _______________________ Like most people we’re keenly testing the pre RTM releases of Windows 8 and evaluating new hardware from HP to workout what we’d like to use for staff and students next year.Since the virtual floppy in VMware wasn’t an option for 3 different users, we found a utility called IMDISK which was perfect since it works on 64bit Server 2008 R2 and has the benefit of only being visible to the logged on user, so the these VASS users would only be able to see their own “USB Dongle”, not all three.Now remembering that Remote App is just a clever way of using an RDP session into a server, we could use %username% in our batch file so IMDISK would load the desired virtual floppy VASS.A little digging this morning at the log and debug log files indicated an issue with the routes being added when connecting the vpn Log File Debug Log File By runningroute ADD MASK 1.1 METRIC 5 IF 38 route ADD MASK 1.1 METRIC 5 IF 38 route ADD MASK 1.1 METRIC 5 IF 38 a copy of Storage Craft’s Shadow Protect and have a copy of their Shadow Protect CD, you may not realise that the ISO contains a Win PE WIM image that you use to PXE boot Shadow Protect over the network Currently, we’re using Altiris 6.9 for image deployment and use the Altiris PXE service, but the Shadow Protect BOOT.WIM will work with any PXE boot server that supports Win PE To add the Shadow Protect boot image in Altiris, open the PXE Configuration Utility, and add a New Boot Menu Option From here you can select the Shadow Protect BOOT.

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WIM but I found that to be unreliable in Altiris 6.9.

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