Amy yasbeck dating dating for people with aids

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Amy yasbeck dating

Madison Mason [ Ed Boeving ], Brandis Kemp [ Mrs Boeving ], Rodney Stone [ Waiter ] Charlene sets her sights on another man weeks after her boyfriend Mason leaves to take a job in Japan, but what she learns about him is a real eye-opener: he's the husband of a Sugarbakers client. Charlene is worried about a lump in her breast, so the women persuade her to seek a second opinion -- and she is booked for immediate surgery.Thomas Callaway [ Shadow ], Nathan Haas [ Unknown ], Russell Anderson [ Worth ] The Sugarbakers women spend a New Year's night on the town party worrying that Charlene's old boyfriend, now an escaped convict and the target of a massive manhunt, may turn up. Meanwhile, Mary Jo's ex-husband interferes in her romantic life. Julia's quarrel with Suzanne over the theme for the annual country club fund-raiser becomes the background to her jealous reaction to Reese's attractive young colleague, especially when he starts working long hours at the office.Divorced mother Mary Jo Shively takes the middle road but finds that her relationships with men (a compulsively unfaithful ex-husband, various unsatisfactory boyfriends) incline her towards Julia's viewpoint.Naively optimistic office manager Charlene Frazier is the most conventional of the four, and in the course of the series marries into the military and finally gives up her job to concentrate on being a good wife and mother.Wendy Jo Sperber [ Unknown ], Ian Patrick Williams [ Unknown ] A photographer shooting a magazine spread on the women of Atlanta asks the decorators to participate, but they become suspicious when he keeps encouraging sexier poses.Danny Thomason [ Unknown ], Macon Mc Calman [ Unknown ], Jon Huffman [ Unknown ] When she discovers him working as a bellboy/pianist, the accountant who absconded with her life savings offers Suzanne a deal.

Her younger sister Suzanne Sugarbaker, a frequently divorced former beauty queen, is a pampered Southern belle who thinks physical looks are the key to success and takes an instinctively reactionary position on almost any issue - but sometimes surprises the others with an innately generous nature and flashes of practical shrewdness.Stephen Tobolowsky [ Boyd ] An important client cancels because Suzanne was the center of male attention at her birthday party, causing Suzanne to want to be more than a "bimbo front person" for Sugarbakers.But her first professional work for the "Design House" goes up in flames while she is working on it.Burke Story editors: Dee La Duke, Mark Alton Brown, Cathy Michon Ray Don, J. Concerned that Mary Jo hasn't dated since she and Ted broke up, Suzanne arranges a blind date for her with an old acquaintance, J. Shackelford, head scout for the Atlanta Braves baseball team.Meanwhile, Julia struggles through an IRS audit conducted by the same Ray Don Simpson who tried to pick up the women in a restaurant and suffered a tongue-lashing from Julia.

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Bever-Leigh Banfield [ Denise ], David Downing [ Sam ], Kim Hamilton [ Annabelle ], Dayna Winston [ Savannah ] Anthony goes to extremes to impress his girlfriends' wealthy parents, inventing a pedigreed family -- then an uninvited dinner guest informs him he is the father of her child.

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