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Dave's less impressed than they expected, as the gentleman on the right has "VE" on his shirt.Only five guys were interested in helping with this stunt./ "Remembering the White House Cat" / video: "She was a cherished friend and a loyal companion." — President George W.Bush "She made our lives brighter, and we loved her dearly." — First Lady Laura Bush "Meow meow meow meow meow.••• A guy fell out of a ski lift the other day, and he ended up hanging from it with his pants off.

It has a picture of the gathering of all living presidents in the White House this week, with the caption "CLUB PREZ." Oddly enough, Hillary Clinton is outside, peering in a window. he's always looking for an excuse to say lozenge on air. Time Warner Cable: 'Your call is very important to us; please continue to hold.' " ••• desk chat: Dave has yet another edition of the New York Post.••• Act 5 Audience Pan: "Can you guess who's going to be on tomorrow's Late Show? Regis Philbin) "We'll be right back." ••• Marv Albert / Albert Achievement Awards 1/09/09 [3046]: New this week: Dave has taken up uttering "kissy kissy" in a falsetto voice, not unlike his much-beloved "Heeeeere, kitty kitty kitty." At this point we're not sure where this one came from." (silhouette pictures) "If you guessed Kiefer Sutherland and Wendy Liebman, you're right! ••• Sherman Grossman in "A Monkey Sneezing" ••• This just in from Parts Unknown: Someone has sent in a clip of "A Squid Sneezing." / We hear the peppy "A Monkey Sneezing" theme song, along with a clip of a squid firing off a rocket from its ink sac and the familiar sound of Sherman sneezing.Dave wants to show us some of the changes we'll be seeing on the Late Show in 2009. Bush: 'I got nothin'.' " ••• desk chat: Dave announces that during the preshow questions, an audience guy offered to give him his girlfriend./ video: We see colorful motion graphics of Late Show in 2009, with a lovely classical score in the background. ••• Top Ten Signs You're Watching Too Much Football ••• Kate Hudson plugs Bride Wars after she and Dave make out. ••• Act 5 Audience Pan: "Tomorrow on the Late Show" and a plug for the Late Show Fun Facts book ••• Dave's last resolutions are 1/06/09 [3043]: "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches" / 1. Johnson: "I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your president." 2.

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Then Dave shows the Late City Final Edition of the same, fine publication. ••• desk chat: Dave cautions us that he's "this close" (fingers held ½ inch apart) to discontinuing tonight's broadcast. ••• Barack Obama apparently has someone in mind for Secretary of Commerce. / video: "Businessman Richard Parsons is being considered to be the next Secretary of Commerce. This has a similar photo of the living presidents, and you guessed it... (There's not much Worldwide Pants Incorporated likes better than pants jokes, is there, ladies and gentlemen?

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