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While I certainly wouldn't mind to see this happen, I'm even more convinced it won't. Great for Tourism The chikungunya epidemic is causing worries for tourists. "Efficiency must be improved and personnel costs down." Hear, hear.

Every day several cases arrive in Holland in Holland, who have been infected here. There are also strong rumors that UTS telecommunications is in trouble, just like ADC I've Given Up Tried to keep count of the numbers of armed assaults, but the information is just not forthcoming. [loosely, any not-built-up area] and minister Whiteman just seems to have found out.

But as usual, "they" (up there) are concerned about the effects on tourism. But Orco Bank has decided, after announcing the auctioning of Taams clinic buildings, that the inventory will also be sold.

I don't care a fart about tourism—I'm concerned about Unavoidable Tourists have started annulling their travels to Curaçao because of the chicungunya epidemic. Of course they would, and it's high season too; and don't forget carnaval. Leaves very little chance for 'em to continue, even as an annex of the Hospital; let alone on their own.

A large quantity of weapons, anabolic steroids (as popular with body-builders) and other drugs, phone cells, "home"-made weapons and saws have been found.

Those last had already been put to good use, as part of the bars in several cells had been partly sawed through.

Should all be ready by February 27 (when the rainy season is over anyway and the bugs have stopped breeding). Garbage utility Selikor complains that, while it was the best tenderer, DOW public works awarded a project to somebody else. They don't mention to whom, which is okay; but why not tell us what the project is? Big Brother's Broadcasting Station As from January, the government will own all shares of Telecuraçao. Some medical/technical people were hired as Taams has been trying to be properly accredited with Holland. The cardio-pulminary staff are for Esseboom's own practice.We have even introduced laws here to accomplish this; but, as so often, nobody keeps to the rules. In Dutch parliament it's been announced that Holland does have the power to intervene in our internal affairs, to ensure "good governance". Have given up on this, the information is just not published. Worth the Wait The new tax proposals are being discussed in parliament, with the remark heard that tax proceeds should flow back to the people, not used to maintain government. (On October 4 the count was 600.) in 2008, 7 operating rooms had to be closed when hundreds of patients' lives were threatened by bacterial infections, without anybody doing anything about them. But he seems to be a chum of minister Whiteman, whom he advised on the Taams clinic; and there you are. The government has decided to mend those buildings that are in danger of collapsing, before then. Main player is Earl Esseboom who had no experience at all running a hospital.Don't start celebrating; they haven't used that power even once since 1954. He fired Karel Bade, who essentially ran the clinic with one human resource and two finance assistants.Our Own Fault: Something in That The chikungunya epidemic, officially now counting 1079 cases (but reading between the lines there are many more) is our own fault, GGD public health states: the island is one big filthy mess where mosquitos find plenty of breeding places. Bade went to court and won, which cost the clinic over half a million guilders.Now a three month action is planned to educate the people, and to clean it all up. Assaults This Week Just counting up what appears in the media. Esseboom claim they found hidden deficits after take-over, but the clinic ran at a profit of almost 1 million/year against the same tariffs valid now.

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Some people say the government is pooh-poohing the epidemic so tourists will keep coming. But to everybody's joy, Another Court Case Three importers of solar panels have started a case against the government because of its new ordination charging owners "tax" for solar panels, plus new tariffs for Aqualectra's pay-back. Small wonder: justice minister Navarro admits that this year is the all-time champ with until now "almost" [? That gun action sure was a success, considering it stopped in August. Holiday Season Seems obvious to me, from the scarcity of items, that our Great Leaders don't have so much time to quarrel in this Holy Month. Indeed, he complains that several companies who do this on a regular base have threatened to go on with this if landfill tariffs are not reduced. You Won't Believe This In October, tourism went up by 10%!