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It will be obvious when you meet him that he knows that. This can make him a tyrant who runs his home like a four-star general.

He wants his kids to be successful and will hold them to high standards—though he spoils them ridiculously, too. There could be episodes of screaming, tears, hurled objects and slammed doors with your warrior prince. But as our Aries uncle Sami once said, “If you can’t fight with someone, you can’t love them.” For every shattered wine glass or hyperventilating meltdown, there will be passionate sex, unparalleled intimacy and devotion so powerful it takes your breath away.

Together, you’ll write this unforgettable love story with blood, sweat and tears—every drop that’s in you.

I am wanting to know if any of you amazing scorpios have had experience dating Aries.

He wants to live life like it’s a huge playground—more like a carnival fairground—where he can wander, explore, win you stuffed animals, and enjoy a freak show or two. There’s a different set of rules, or perhaps none at all, which is perfect because that means he gets to make them. If you want to be with Aries for the long haul, you’ll have to embrace his chosen lifestyle. Some even have open relationships, or some need that requires an “understanding” between you.

We can’t help but mention Aries Hugh Hefner again, who lives at the Playboy Mansion surrounded by half-naked centerfold models all day. One bi-curious Aries man agreed to marry his longtime girlfriend, but she had to allow him to have one “boys’ night” where he cuddled or made out with a man.

However, if you play too hard to get, he’ll think you’re not interested and he’ll move on.

The Aries man will usually be the one to dream up dating scenarios for you two.

He may not subconsciously realize that human beings, imbued with things like personalities and free will, can’t conform to his fantasies on demand.

He’d rather just find that “needle in the haystack” relationship, the impossible dream come true. He knows his desires may be more than one woman can supply—and he’s not above shopping at a few different stores to complete his sexual grocery list.

He just wants to experience all that life has to offer. If the feelings are reciprocated then be sure to show it.

But don’t go overboard or move too fast—he doesn’t like being chased.

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