Barbara hershey love interest dating

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Barbara hershey love interest dating

"I did it for Beaches," she says, referring to the 1988 tear-jerker in which she played Bette Midler's best friend."This character had to be a classic beauty and I was just changing myself physically.' " In the flesh, Hershey, wearing minimal make-up, looks a good 10 years younger than her age.She is vague on the matter of cosmetic surgery - "people should do whatever they want to do to make themselves feel good" - but if she has been under the knife, it was wielded skilfully. I knew all along that it would get more difficult and I was hoping it would have changed by the time I got here, but if anything, it has gotten worse."That was one thing I do - I do everything I can think of to help stimulate myself. Her taste has not been faultless (lapses include the execrable British comedy Splitting Heirs) but she has worked with the best (Martin Scorsese, twice, Barry Levinson, twice, Woody Allen, Jane Campion . The title refers to a dense subtropical plant that threatens constantly to encroach on the characters' tidy suburban lives."It's a noxious weed in Australia and grows in gardens in the States. With its tiny, pretty flowers on the surface and tangled thorny undergrowth, it's a metaphor, of course, for the human psyche," she says mock-ponderously, and laughs again."The film is about the mystery of human relationships, which is the great mystery.

A shutter crashes down when the subject is broached. I just passed through what thousands of other young people in America and England were doing." Doesn't refusing to talk about her past suggest that she rejects it? It's like concentrating on what I did in the sixth grade.

And he likes them for good reasons, rather than their figures and stuff. Around someone like Woody Allen - and there are not many people like him - you want to be at your best.

It must be some sort of organic thing.'' Mr.

The never-endingly fascinating mystery."Hershey plays a therapist who writes a best-selling self-help book about her daughter's murder in a bid to save her failing marriage.

There is a healthy streak of humour in Lantana and not everyone ends badly, but I say that I found the film (think Short Cuts remade by an antipodean Mike Leigh) overall a rather melancholy one."I disagree so completely," she replies instantly. My character has lost trust in the world, not just in her husband, but at the end I find the film very hopeful.

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hey are neurotic and sexy and smart, Woody's women.