Being aloof dating Teen adult chat for free

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Being aloof dating

Sometimes people get so used to being aloof that they see it as a 'value' and get kinda stuck there - even when they ARE interested.

Though someone probably said something like this in the orginal post...

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I even had a friend make a jealous snarky comment about it. 2 : full of activity : bustling 3 : foolishly or intrusively active : meddling 4 : full of distracting detail aloof : at a distance Disinterested 1 a : not having the mind or feelings engaged : not interested Each one has it's own definition. Woman: I'm good enough for sex but not an emotionally bonded relationship Man: I'm good enough to share emotions with but not a sexually bonded relationship There's really only two ways I know of to get a woman, and one I've tried most of my life which does not work. As sad as it is to admit it, #2 has been much more successful for me, and I only used #2 unintentionally when I was frustrated from dating as a #1 They are the same in action but not necessarily in motivation.

It may very well be a game but isn't that what most women desire ?

Abstract, hyperlogical thinking and a tendency to observe rather than participate are traits often found among scientists, programmers and engineers. However, being in a relationship with a woman of this personality type may sometimes take on the flavor of research, focusing on ideas rather than spontaneous experiences.I think aloof is basically the same thing as being disinterested.I think the problem with the other thread is that people are mixing in a bunch of other things.It's a general term I think when it comes to dating.Aloof could be simply not letting every detail out. They are the same in action but not necessarily in motivation.

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aloof means you are not needy and probably have many other options,u show too much attention and she thinks maybe shes the first women who showed interest in you Whatever bs women might say here it basically boils deep down to status still and how women really never leave their high school way of thinking in picking men,its still about popularity and how in demand u are or she at least thinks u are by your actions They are the same in action but not necessarily in motivation. If I'm disinterested, I don't call or pick up the phone, I don't make plans to go out. People who are aloof, put themselves there because they to falsify a sense of being busy and disinterested. Make fun of her in front of groups of people at the bar, tell other guys not to date her but do it with a silly smirk on your face, act like she's not even there, show up late, don't introduce yourself, do crazy things, but have fun doing all of this and do it with confidence.