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By his teens it was apparent that Glenn had inherited his father's musicality.He played drums in a band and dreamed of being a popstar. Bernadette and Murty's marriage was troubled and they eventually split.In 1975, on a lonely country road outside Newry, the band were making their way home to Dublin from a gig at the Castle Ballroom in Banbridge, Co.Down when they were flagged down by men in military dress.It made an icon of Roseanne but also launched the careers of writers like Judd Apatow.Glenn had been written into the series to elope with Roseanne's screen daughter Becky, but his popularity led to him being given a more recurrent role."She just told me that I had a brother called Glenn, but that he died," Ciaran said. I had no idea I was related to him but when I read the obituary I began putting the pieces of the jigsaw together. She called him Mark, which was the name of one of Glenn's characters, and said she had no idea he was Irish. I started telling her some of the other things he had been in. '" That question would echo around the world in 2002, the year Glenn Quinn's short life ended.A whole generation of Irish kids had grown up watching him play the dim-yet-handsome boyfriend of Becky, Roseanne's daughter, on Roseanne.

He had spent years gathering little fragments of information and he knew who his father was.At his home in Donabate in Dublin Ciaran Mc Qualie Quinn sat down at his computer, took a deep breath, and typed in the words 'Glenn died'.In under a second the screen was filled with images of a handsome young actor called Glenn Quinn, presumably - from the results - the most famous Glenn who had ever died.Bernadette moved to America in 1988 and she and the three children lived in Los Angeles because of family connections in the area.Glenn, by now in his late teens, did a variety of odd jobs to support himself, including time working as a waiter and on a building site.

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In 1967, despite their great success, the group broke up, with Murty and three of the other members leaving to form the Sands.