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When the three elements increase in length, it's a Tricolon Crescens.This is why there are Power Trios and Terrible Trios.This makes the story easier to remember than non-repeating tales of the same length, both for professionals who collect as many stories as possible, and for people that pass a story on pretty much because they happened to remember it.In art, there's a rule of where putting items in the intersections between thirds-lines draws more attention and is more visually appealing than plonking them right in the center, which is considered boring.See also Basic Conflicts and other plot devices which often come in 3s or 7s, and Three Rules of Three, a wiki guideline.Not to be confused with 4, unless you're counting elements, bodily fluids, and other dimensions. Benson: I soaked them in bleach and then pounded them with a mallet!Variations on this trope include uses of 5, 7, 12, and convenient multiples of 5 afterwards (i.e., 25 or 50, but not 35 or 70).Sub Tropes include Three Wishes, These Questions Three, Third Time's the Charm, Trilogy Creep, On Three, Counting to Three, The Three Certainties in Life, Two out of Three Ain't Bad, and Three-Stat System.

This establishes that this is the standard way that things always happen.

1st Class Paul Donnelly to treat Affleck like just another recruit—even having him scrub a latrine—the actor stood out.

“And we’re marching by a group of them, and all of a sudden the girls are like, ‘Ooohhh! “He should have a class, How to Handle Being a Movie Star, because he does it real well,” says costar William Lee Scott.

In Britain, jokes denigrate either the Irishman as stupid or the Scotsman as a tightwad, while the Englishman is usually the Straight Man of the gag (Unless it's being told by the Scots or Irish.

When an American tells it, Englishmen are stuffed shirts.) This is why most Americans have never heard of Wales.

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In design, particularly three-dimensional design such as shop displays, groups of three objects, or objects arranged to form a triangle, are considered most attractive to the eye.