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"How much actual money has been pat Into the enterprise? The old banter, with pantiag breath and pal cheek and oat stretched arm, elatcb for it a It turns oa iu track, but. do of Peter Cooperisml' Yoa never heard of dyaamlt la Cooper lasntuta. Yoa never neerd of any oo searching the cellar of that man boas for a keg of dyaamlte. " "ot more than 0,000, probably not more than 17,0UO." " f -Who ar th stockholders"" There are about L300 ot them. He then showed a list, and tb following name wer some of those noted by the reporter: James Mac Donougb, Vice-President of the American Bank Not Company; Geo, H. missing 1C keeps on till th x bauated dollar plange inu a bole and burrows aad harrow daspt and- the o hoater wita both band elaws at to earth, and daw deeper down, Ull tb burrowed embankment give way, aad, h roll over into hi owa grav. At Urns of public excite ment, when prominent men bad their nouns guarded thir were no sentinels needed at his door... .: Iditical Double-Pealing Anent the Ap pointment 01 ureinaui. a ; I Uiw Yosx, April 8.-Wayn Mao Vegbs 1 r.ln-law. Ttils son bad been a Method 1st preacher, tailored tb ladle very roucb. Governor Corns U and alt previous Governor committed tbe business of looking into th paper relative to tbe pardon to a clerk. and may wither as soon On aays: "It I o secret that General Gresbam ha not been on good term with a number of th leading Republleaaa. - The commission for the monument to be placed over the remains of John Howard Payne, at Oak Hill Cemetery, on Georgetown Heights, Is reported to have been given by Mr. Th Legislature lstttll in session, and whatever measure may be aoopted, or fail of adoption, there Is sure to be some class of voter who' will feel hurt, and hasten to plac responsibility upon the. 000,000 or ,000000 now.' Bat there are Institutions tn oar day that bave cost many times more dollars in building and endowment which have not accomplished more than a traction or tbe good done by this mu nificence of 1857. If the ancestral line of many an asylum or Infirmary or college or university- were traced back far enough yoa would find that Peter Cooper was the illustrious progenitor: Who can estimate the effect of suob an Institution, standing for twenty-six years, saying to all the millions of people passing np and down tbe great thoroughfare: "I am here to bleat and educate, without money and without prlo, all the struggling who come under my winger That Institution for twenty-six years baa from lta windowa been, crying shame on miserliness and cupidity. Mand'a Affected Horror Over the De eaonlsm of Dyaamlte. of Weil Chester, one Commlnlontr of Internal Berenue, who died last wt Whan kswss Commle-ioner his son mad great teal of money practicing whisky ease before bim. and after he read them through he decides promptly on their merit. A- Ward is engaged npou Ui statue of Washington, and the work Is progressing fairly, despite the nn patriotic model, whose recreant legs could not support the weight of Washington's dignities. John Lafarge, and presumably the Shaw memorial also occupies a portion of bis time. French, ia to be placed in tbe yard ot the Publle Librarjr at Concord, Mass. Th marble statue of Robert Fulton, by Mr- Howard Roberts, ha been lately placed In the Capitol at Washington. Bat it will require skillful management to keep the party off the skoals upon which it seems to be th fat of tb Republicans to be continually grounding. The nearly 1800,000 that built and endowed Cooper Institute was a mach aa sa. This gav glorious suggestion to many whose large fortune was hitherto under the Iron grip of selfishness. Riley, and that ber death was censed by a blow from th flat Sid of an ax, struck whll ah wss asleep." .s - CTaattawegst Call ayacia X- svisr ATca to res xaqtrmaa. and balf an bour after he buttons around him a black overcoat of light texture and starts oat to walk to th Capltot, Occasionally be meets somebody whom he recognises and smile a cordial greeting. At one o'clock be goes home to lunch alone, and returns at two. But one point seems to haye been settled, and that Is, that In bis own dily, and probably In the Stat at large. The snow of his white locks has melted from our sight, and the benediction of bis genial face baa come to its long amen. There have been far laiger sums douated to tbe public ainoe this man founded ycoper Institute, bat I think that hundred of the charities and philanthropies were born of bis example. She found the curtains drawn aad th front door locked. A farmer In the neighborhood said he thought, from th description, this in might be J a me H. It was arranged that Roadie should send Riley with a not to the boos at wbloh Mrs. It ah recognized Kiley it ' waa agreed ehe should lay the note, after reading It, on the mantel. H etartod back at seeing her, and was turning away after delivering tb note, when ah insisted tbat be should wait for an war. Hot mas opened tb not and laid it upon tb mantel, saying There Is no answer.' -Th negro tnrned again to leeve, bat the detective arrested aim at the door. March 2Sth, the day after tbe murder.; The Bowmans had not seen him for a week before that, RUey bad aa ax with him wheh be cam, aad left it at th bonne. end a splinter bad been knocked off the helve, lee to th blade of the ax. Wm taken by ber to tb I nana Asylam at Nsah will to-day.

H looks, as he walks, a comfortable and respectable ettlsen of portly build, a face with' heavy jowla, and a mild, benevolent, aad yet a sharp gray eye. though there Is nothing- at all remarkable about him. At tx h take dinner alone, , or occasionally with bis Secretary or Adjutant-General Farnawortb, and he la again at bis offlft at Igbt o'clock, where be ' remain till about midnight, . On these days be receive an averse of Ifi Q visitors, composed largely of members of the Legist alure, and of persona Interested In bills before tb two Hons. Senator Pendleton 1 tb Democratic leader, and hi political fortunes ana those of the Democracy are on. Bat his Influence, halted a half second for " the obsequies to finish. Sometimes a father will have a large family of children who grow up "to b larger than himself. A back door waa aafaatenad, and by this sb entered the kitchen. Utter and the de teetlv were in th next room, and tbe door ia ajar. He said et Sheriff Crofnt offlee that h bad aot been la Patterson on Tuesday, March grtb, and bad bad no ax. Sandexitn very well, aad bad called at ber boas an Bat rd ay afternoon, March 2itb. At this point and tn th eye there Were tbe reddish a lain.

Wolverton (of tbe New York Transfer Company), and Oscar Wilde. morning b I alon In the vsst chamber with his Secretary. ' ' -' ' M ' ' " ' H&rzillal, of the text, wafff a very old man, a very kind man. very affectionate man, a very patriotic man, a very rich man of the tenth century before Christ, a type of oar American philanthropist, Peier Cooper, in the nineteenth century after Christ. then, all the Hags at half- mast, and tbe resolution or Common Couuci U. and the deep sighs from multitudes who have no adequate way to express their bares veuieul T . Sanderlln'e two pet eat sprang from a door at her right, which opened into Mrs. ; Utter asleep In Augustus Birch's barn, at Patterson, at four o'clock on . Sabsequently w learned tbat a negro of tb am description, with an ax In hi hand, bad been seen by Mrs. W found tbat , Riley d removed to Danbury, Conn where be wes employed in Bam Bundle's stable. Tower went to Danbury to watch RUey, whll our men fol lowed wltb Utter aad Mrs. Coun orl ex-superintendent of tbe Western and Atlantic Ba Urood.

Talrnage read In Gen esis tbe account of Jacob's burial. even fourscore year oki, and be had provided the King susteaauce while he lay at Mahanaim, for be waa a very great mau.". - ' UW found tbat a rongbly-elad negro wltb en ax bad been found by John W.

Let th rich stretch forth "toward th great masses of England, Ire Esad and America aa generous and kind a hsdd as that of Peter Cooper, and the age of dyngmlt will terminate.

What police can not doand shot and shell can not do, and stringent lswa severely executed ean not do, and armie can not do, will yet be accom pli.

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