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Consolidating warehouse network

Additionally rooling up to the multi-WMS product model would need additional information technology costs and lead times in terms of investment of additional extraction and load mechanisms to the central store.In terms of supply chain architecture, the "enhanced warehouse awareness" starts getting into an increasing cost spiral.While it is quite obvious that such concepts require lot of agility in infrastructure and information technologies, the fundamental need of managing effectiveness balancing impacts and end objective becomes even more crucial.

Considering the many moving parts to the puzzle, Girish, Gopi and I attempted to create a equation that helps to assess and more importantly "control" instance location decision at a given point in time taking relevant organizational, business process and information technology dimensions as inputs.Interestingly, we are seeing two key trends in enterprise technology space.One is the adoption of streaming as a concept in enterprise operations.On top of this, there is also a need to factor in change effects that creep in over time such as acquisition of a fulfillment company to expand network reach (this would just set back consolidation progress by a few quarters considering the WMS which comes along it!!) or changes in physical technologies that were used in the warehouse floors following end of life.

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A number of package vendors indeed address this need by providing a multi-WMS modeling capability through their products.

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