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Contortionist dating

The band’s fans also include listeners who have no interest in playing or theory at all, but rather, are exhilarated to put on headphones and embark on the journey of the albums.

He recently boasted about her career during an interview on “Conan,” adding that she was on tour as a dancer/aerialist for Cher.

(According to Livingston’s Instagram account, she also performed with Nicki Minaj at the VMAs.) After the wedding on Saturday, Livingston also used her account to post a photo of a bottle of champagne from the Chateau Marmont where the ceremony took place, calling it “a magical and enchanting evening.” Before this, the pair showed off their relationship at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in May. He was married for six years to “Silverado” co-star Patricia Gaul and split in 1986.

He wed Geena Davis the next year, though they divorced in 1990.

Lessard lends his voice to the signature songcraft developed by the original core of the band, guitarist Cameron Maynard and the brotherly duo of Robby and Joey Baca, on guitar and drums, respectively.

They’re joined by new additions Jordan Eberhardt (bass) and Eric Guenther (keyboards).

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“Thrive” is a wicked blend of the atmospheric heft of Deftones and The Contortionist’s own well established progressive attack.