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In fact the early Jews (and this is rather humorous but nonetheless true) would not allow a man under 30 years old to read the book, unless he was married, of course. Even then it was better that he was over 30 years of age.That tradition goes back to about the time of Christ or a little bit after.This is one of the great difficulties in interpreting or even discussing the book because, let us face it, it is difficult to discuss at length many of these things where they are very sensuous, and some people are offended by such things today, or any time in history.All of us should have a certain privacy and a certain amount of decorum about things of this nature, but still at the same time, when you read the Song of Songs and it is placed in the Bible by the canonizers themselves, and it belongs in the holy Word of God, and it is part of the Holy Scripture, certainly we ought to be able to read it, and I would hope we would be able to understand it. Though the Song of Songs uses language that we would normally not use in public, and yet in fact the Song of Songs was a drama performed in public in one presentation and set to music.So they said, since it is in the Word of God, it must be okay, and God put it in there, but still a man has to be prepared for this.We cannot give this to youngsters or people who are under the age of 30 because they would just be upset by this or they would want to do all of these things I suppose that the book or this drama talks about. If God Almighty Himself through Jesus Christ (who inspired the Bible in the first place) by Gods Holy Spirit puts this Song in the Bible, I do not think we should avoid it, should we?This is why it is important to discuss all issues of the Scripture including matters of this nature.However, at the same time we want to use circumspection.

The title of this lecture is The Significance of the Song of Solomon (or as it is often called, the Song of Songs), which is one of the books of the Bible.

You and I would say it was something like an opera, a musical, or a stage show if you want to put it in those terms, which had music accompanying it.

That is why it is called the great Song, the Song of Songs, the greatest song that Solomon ever wrote.

If you want to allegorize some of it or call it typical or figurative language, you might be able to stretch the meanings somewhat and say that God says this, or God says that.

But you will not find theological teaching in the words that make up the Song of Songs. But besides the fact that there is no theological teaching of any nature, in the Song of Songs, and that the name of God is not so much as mentioned; you would not even believe there was a God if you read the Song of Songs of itself. But not only that, it is because some of the most thoroughly erotic language that you can find in the Bible, or anywhere for that matter, is found in these eight chapters in the Old Testament.

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