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Cuck sex chat

"I decided to work from home today," he said with a grin as his eyes drank in the sight that Jane presented to him.

"I'd ask you to come with me but I'm not sure Oscar would be ready for that." Rob smiled as he rose from the sofa where he sat, "it's fine, Brian has sent me the video from yesterday so I want to watch that, maybe next time Oscar will be ready for me to be present." Walking over to Jane, Rob embraced her and they kissed gently on the lips.

Let me spread my gaping cunt wide open and finger myself while you wank your hot load all over my steaming gash and I rub it in.

She picked up her phone and messaged her new lover.

"Just woke up, need you badly." Opening her legs, Jane placed a hand between them and was about to start touching herself when her phone beeped.

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