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"His butthole is tiny, it's an adultlike behavior, and it's germy." And while adults who are into butt play are (or should be) proactive and conscientious about hygiene, grubby little five-year-olds aren't particularly proactive or conscientious about hygiene—or anything else.You don't want his hands and toys smeared with more fecal matter than is typical for the hands and toys of most five-year-olds.Dear City Pages Editors: Wouldn’t it be awesome if your homegrown advice columnist reviewed your not-homegrown, infinitely more talented and knowledgeable syndicated advice columnist when he does Savage Love Live at Pantages? Early pre-Google Savage Love, as Dan Savage told City Pages last week, was a pretty wild romp through all sorts of crazy stuff that vanilla-ass straight folks and lonely Door Guys hadn’t thought much about before, at least out loud. Friday night, at Savage Love Live, Dan and a crowded house fucking talked about it. During slow moments at whatever door I was working, I could dependably entertain myself reading his sex advice column. Why yes, I will) and his column have changed over the years, really what’s changed—and what has been profoundly influential on me, as you can see here, is that the subtext of those early pervy butt-plugging mess making three-way columns has become the text: sex is best when you put in the effort to think about it, and talk about it.But think of all the sexually active adults out there, gay and bi and straight, who have overcome standard-issue butt-stuff complexes and now safely and responsibly enjoy their assholes and the assholes of others.If you give your son a minor complex by, say, taking his toy cars away until he stops putting them in his ass, rest assured that he'll be able to overcome that complex later in life. Seriously." QI'm a longtime fan, but I disagree with your advice to CIS, the lesbian who wanted to add "not into trans women" to her online dating profile.Why would someone who considers himself (or herself, in the case of CIS) an ally want to make the world more hostile and unwelcoming?Awkwardness and "wasted" coffee dates are built into the online-dating experience.

I'm way more than half convinced that your letter is a fake, HISMOM, something sent in by a Christian conservative out to prove that I'm the sort of degenerate who would tell a mom to buy a butt toy for a five-year-old."She should tell him that she totally gets that it feels good," said Lang, "but there are other ways he can have those good feelings that are safer, like rubbing and touching his penis, and he is welcome to do that any time he wants—as long as he's in private and alone. I'm a straight guy, and if I met a woman online, I would want to be sure she had female genitalia under her clothes.You can also tell him the safest thing to put up there is his own finger. It's a requirement for me, and that doesn't mean I'm not a trans ally.Trans women who haven't had bottom surgery aren't going to spring their dicks on you—they'll almost always disclose before it gets to that point—and you're not obligated to sleep with anyone you don't find attractive. I went on dates with a lot of guys from dating websites (200 ) before I got married.Just writing to say that I agreed with your advice to the lesbian dating-site user.

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