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Bumble syncs to your facebook account, the same way Tinder does, and pulls your pictures, age, name, the last school you attended, and your job title.

So I weigh my options against the application’s categories and decide Marketing is the easiest selection and go with that. That’s a saying my cousin uses in Mexico whenever we’re surrounded by early twenty-somethings at a bar.

What’s going to make someone leave Tinder for Bumble? CAROLINE (BUMBLE): Aside from the functionality of the app, we are very different from similar apps because we are a female empowerment movement.

Someone would use Bumble as their dating platform because they strongly believe in equality.

I left Tinder because you end up matching with dudes who don’t care about having any type of conversation, their main interest is to– for lack of a better term– Get Some.

“DTF” is a popular acronym used by some of the guys that messaged me during my amazing experience last year.

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Women who want to be in control and set the tone of the conversation would enjoy Bumble.