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Love is probably the most complicated emotion of all.

People with overloaded work schedule and tedious deadlines find it even more difficult to express their feelings.

They already get the things the moment they see them.

For additional information, please contact Bonnie Fahoome, Director of Business Programs at Design Core, at [email protected] 313-664-1479.Join Design Core Detroit at the historic Alger Theater in Detroit for some retro game show fun. Their host, Pulitzer prize and emmy award winning investigative reporter for Fox 2 News (WJBK-TV) in Detroit, M. Elrick, will match two lucky contestants to the designer of their dreams.Their first contestant is Chris Reilly, owner of Reilly Craft Creamery, a Detroit-based small business preparing to move into its first physical location.With close deadlines to meet and projects to discuss, they can’t have quality time without completing their tasks.Imagine you find your date carrying a laptop; you are surely going out with a designer.

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