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Dating an illegal alien

He stayed past its expiration after he found work as a janitor and day laborer. "I tried to find any job I could in Mexico so he could return," Anna explains. She was handing her paperwork to Border Patrol when a wave of commotion began to ripple through the crowd. A letter came back confirming that fact, and telling her to go ahead and apply for the visa."I applied to waitress, hostess, but I was 'overqualified.' At Carl's Jr., I was told I was too old. According to the Border Patrol guards, one cousin had an outstanding medical bill in the States. After hours of questioning, everyone present had their tourist visas revoked. "I wasn't responsible for my cousin's bill. So she filled out the onerous paperwork, deciphering the convoluted governmental lingo, and waited. I just prayed and tried to act normal, like a tourist." The officer smiled, said "Good morning," and waved Anna and her entourage through. I didn't want that for my kids." She wipes her tears with her fingertips, exhales slowly through her mouth."And not just to my teenage daughter." America is home to an estimated 11 million unauthorized immigrants.Anna, 39, her husband, Manuel, 40, Lucy, 16, and Ernie, 12, are four of them.

"I was calculating how old my children would be in five years. I thought about how I had done nothing wrong, committed no crime, and yet my kids were being sentenced. And yet it is so hopelessly tangled, and the wait list so long, it can grind on for a lifetime—or longer.

In this year's primary season, Herman Cain proposed erecting electrified fences, to applause from his supporters.

Then there is Joe Arpaio, the swaggering five-term sheriff of Arizona's Maricopa County, known for aggressive racial profiling, currently under investigation for abuse-of-power allegations.

Church leaders in Arizona told members of Congress that SB 1070 has led to a 30 percent drop in attendance in some congregations.

Local businesses have also reported declines in customer traffic, and schools have seen hundreds of children withdrawn from class.

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I didn't even know about it." When she appealed to the officials, asking them to reconsider, the head guard pointed at her cousin and said, "Hate her, not us." And just like that, Anna and her children were no longer able to visit the United States legally. Months later she reported to her interview, handed over the $350 in fees—only to be told she wouldn't be granted a visa. "I cried the minute I crossed." Anna begins to sob. "People say there are always other options," she says, her voice cracking.