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Able rate fakes different messages, and when it plus to your make other, you acquire to think sure that gain is service.

Different jewelry experts close sorts, and when it are to your significant other, you acquire to make sure that lot is definitely.

I specifically mentioned our first date so you have a timeline of how long we've been dating. For all she knows it could be one you had hanging around the house.

Maybe she has a small collection of figurines you can add to? Cut out the expensive dinner and take her out on a regular dinner. Huh, I never even thought of that..that's what that "this looks cute" stuff was all about? Well you set a precedent by getting her something for Christmas, so you're kinda up against the wall now.... "Too big: "Do you really think I could fit into this? "So you are keeping tabs on who buys and gives what, which to me comes off as you are possibly a bit of a drama king ~ especially so new into this so called relationship. How about tickets to a concert she would enjoy or something a tad more "special". Just not something you would do all the time with her.

Maybe some nice lingerie, hehehe Try sending flowers to her home or work. Then if you go out for her birthday, bring a card along Petygrace80 has a couple of good ideas there. This creates a real "buzz" in the office when they arrive, and all of her female friends will ask about it, and talk about it, and ..... Why not keep it simple and get to know the woman instead of keeping track of who buys what? Heck a 1/2 day at a day spa getting a massage or something would at least be out of the norm a tad. Cowboy You don't have to get her anything for her birthday.

Why not keep it simple and get to know the woman instead of keeping track of who buys what? A small token gift is quite enough for a birthday occuring so soon after you become exclusive with someone. You should by know now a few little things about her, like her favourite cologne.

Look around her house and figure out what kind of taste she has in decorating. Any jeweler will sell a gorgeous silver necklace for cheap. Give her something that will remind her of you every day instead. If you get the wrong size, you could be dating your hand again very quickly.ohenryx: I know right?? Too small: "Is this your subtle way of telling me this is the size you WANT me to be?? You probably take her to dinner all the time anyway right?

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Doesn't have to be fancy - something simple would work.

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