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This is based on three strands of evidence: (a) the setting of Matthew reflects the final separation of Church and Synagogue, about 85 CE; (b) it reflects the capture of Jerusalem and destruction of the Temple by the Romans in 70 CE; (c) it uses Mark, usually dated around 70 CE, as a source.There is evidence, both textual (the conflicts between Western and Alexandrian manuscript families) and from the Marcionite controversy (Marcion was a 2nd-century heretic who produced his own version of Christian scripture based on Luke's gospel and Paul's epistles) that Luke-Acts was still being substantially revised well into the 2nd century.Noth proposed that the entire history was the creation of a single individual working in the exilic period (6th century BCE); since then there has been wide recognition that the history appeared in two "editions", the first in the reign of Judah's King Josiah (late 7th century), the second during the exile (6th century).Noth's dating was based on the assumption that the history was completed very soon after its last recorded event, the release of King Jehoiachin in Babylon c.In general, antiques are considered to be 100 years or older. For book collectors, however, age is not the primary consideration.

The Greek version was probably finalised in the early Persian period and translated into Greek in the 3rd century BCE, and the Hebrew version dates from some point between then and the 2nd century BCE.

The Book of Ezekiel describes itself as the words of the Ezekiel ben-Buzi, a priest living in exile in the city of Babylon, and internal evidence dates the visions to between 593 and 571 BCE.

While the book probably reflects much of the historic Ezekiel, it is the product of a long and complex history, with significant additions by a "school" of later followers.

Between the Civil War and the International Copyright Act of 1891, as literacy grew, books were quickly mass produced as "truly ugly, appalling things" to meet the demand, and then became more standardized with cloth covers, Ellis says. If your book has a dust jacket, it's likely no older than the late 19th century, and probably much more recent, because these are fragile.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, which has a collection of dust jackets, says few survive from before the 1890s.

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An 1845 first-edition copy of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven," meanwhile, can be had for $400. Books have tales to tell, and if you've stumbled on an old volume, you likely want to learn its history. Modern books as we know them, mass produced in a uniform manner, date to around Civil War times, according to "Book Finds: How to Find, Buy, and Sell Used and Rare Books," by Ian Ellis.

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