Dating old cars

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Dating old cars

I said shallow because I've seen other posts were guys are labeled as shallow for not liking a certaing type of girl, BBWs for example.

If I'm not attracted to them I'm labeled as shallow because "it's the inside that counts," when it's simply not my preference.

I too prefer girly girls, this includes girls who drive girly cars. I like feeling like a man, and when I'm around feminine women it makes me feel more like a man.

To the post above, how many girls can honestly say they like a girly guy who's into watching soap operas, checks himself in the mirror every chance he gets and wears lip gloss? Just as I assume feminine women feel more womanly around manly men. I just think guys still need liberating in this sense...else it's their backlash to feminism..maybe both. People have the right to use their talents in a way they see fit.

And it's a good idea for a gal to know how her car runs, yadda yadda...... Why is it that when men admit their preference in women, someone always finds a way to describe it as being shallow?? I'm not judging them, I'm just sharing what I like, you know?

Its always cool to meet girls who like cars though. I could see a cool car impressing girls, but I think I'll save that for a later time in my life when I can afford more luxurious cars.

Right now I can only afford the poor kid's racecar and even that pretty harsh on my pocket!

So, which is it..discrimination or a double standard! Have a nice day knitting or hotroding or whatever it is that floats your boat and stop bothering people that only trying to find the love of their life! I'm one:) I was wondering what happen to the guys that liked them things....

My kids (21 yo's), say I'm having a "midlife crisis" in regards to my love for Mustangs (I've got two of 'em). I get a lot of comments in public from people about my GT.

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Girls who are way into sports and traditional "guy" stuff just kind of freak me out.

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