Dating old cars 100 dutch dating sites 2016

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Dating old cars

Nah, if I want to talk about cars or sports I'll hang out with guys. the ones who are interested in makeup and pink things and purses and victoria's secret and all that.

I just really like being very different from the woman I'm dating.

If you DID mean this literally, it's because of guys who stereotype us ladies and do freak out when we tell them.

It will test the meddle of any gal, and make us NOT be in a hurry, because you know the right guy is going to like you for YOU.

If I'm not attracted to them I'm labeled as shallow because "it's the inside that counts," when it's simply not my preference.

Nothing against guys who enjoy watching soaps and painting their toenails and stuff, but lots of women just aren't into those kind of guys. Yoooouurrr the one who said 'shallow', which IS interesting. I feel pretty girly-I just redefine 'girly' and I figure (don't take this as a slam please) that the guy I'm with won't be bugged or need to have his masculinity re-enforced by by how 'Barbie Doll' I am...because here's the thing....there's something really funny about the idea of going out with a guy, not mentioning that I've custom painted cars, everything's cool and going great.on about the sixth date you tell him and he poofs.. For some of us, our work is our passion and we're willing to pay the price in our personal life (not that we have to, but it's an attitude).

for those who support the arts, and appreciate a nice paint job on a car (or canvas, or wall....),,,that's a good thing.

Its always cool to meet girls who like cars though. I could see a cool car impressing girls, but I think I'll save that for a later time in my life when I can afford more luxurious cars.

Right now I can only afford the poor kid's racecar and even that pretty harsh on my pocket!

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So, which is it..discrimination or a double standard! Have a nice day knitting or hotroding or whatever it is that floats your boat and stop bothering people that only trying to find the love of their life! I'm one:) I was wondering what happen to the guys that liked them things....

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