Dating older co worker

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Dating older co worker

This isn't talking killjoy, this is just being practical.Do what you want on the social scene, but in business do not be too eager.Purely social, no work to be discussed." If you don't like that, then write your own script, but make sure it's something along those lines.

The boss's office: For members of the Dangerous Sports Club only - unless one of the participants happens to be the boss.Be polite, open, honest, and assertive, not furtive. And never be lewd (good, old-fashioned word) or make a pass.How about: "Would you like to come out for a meal with me tomorrow night?If you are asked out by a co-worker and turn them down, keep that quiet too.Don't boast about your pulling power and don't mock the afflicted. Stress: The most effective way of stopping all those hormones and testosterone in their tracks. Good stress-surfing brings about the old adrenalin rush that can engender frisky behaviour, but negative stress can make you too tired and anxious even to notice the sex of the person working next to you, let alone fancy them.

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Be light in tone but clear about your intentions (not all of them, of course).

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