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It is inferred that the Funan, Shalendra, and Mahapahit kingdoms had relations with the Philippines.At present Manila is the capital of the Philippines.

They controlled not only this empire but also most part of the Indonesia and Malay Peninsula.The Philippines consists of a group of 7,000 small islands.We have found some literary evidence to show that there was Hindu Sanskriti in this area of about 11,500 square miles.In the central part of Sebu a bronze idol of Lokeshwar and a golden idol of a Garuda have been found.In south Luzan, an idol of Padmapni Avalokiteshwar has been found.

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Magellan was on a mission for Spanish king Charles I (also Holy Roman emperor as Charles V) to establish a westward route to the Moluccas, also known as the Spice Islands.

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