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You’ll find a good mix of Romanian women seeking both casual and serious relationships.Checking out profiles is free, but doing basically anything else requires a paid membership.The downward trend which characterised Romanian entrepreneurship during the crisis period would have been more pronounced without government intervention, in particular the Ministry of Economy’s SRL-D programme.The programme, launched in 2011, introduced a new limited liability type of company (SRL-D) for first-time Romanian entrepreneurs who are then eligible for financial support.While entrepreneurship has grown in Romania in the last half a decade, the SME value-add was still 12% lower in 2014 than before the 2008 Global Economic Crisis.Despite this, SME value-add is expected to rise by over eight percent between 20.

The programme also helps beneficiaries by granting them exemptions from company fees and social security contributions for up to four employees.

The percentage of adults involved in entrepreneurial activity in Romania has increased steadily in the last five years, with both the number of those involved in starting a company and those involved in running an established business having increased.

In 2015 almost 40% of entrepreneurs said they expected to create six or more jobs over the next five years – putting it fourth highest for this indicator among 60 countries.

However, the number of SRL-Ds registered has boomed.

In the first three years of the programme – from 2011 to 2013 - more than 14,000 new businesses were registered as SRL-Ds, resulting in at least 26,000 new jobs created.

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