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*** * As mentioned in In The Dark and Couldn’t Get Away, there was a Sookie who discovered a way to ‘medicate’ her telepathy. but after he dies, she’s left to raise their son alone.Sookie finds her niche as a Sales Associate at the Chevrolet dealership and meets a certain sexy blond Vampire while he’s shopping for his new Corvette.It diverges from Dead Until Dark just before Sookie and Bill arrive at Fangtasia to look into the deaths of Maudette and Dawn. Sookie’s first visit to Fangtasia had gone differently?Without Bill’s influence, Sookie would’ve met Eric with the same curiosity and excitement as she did Bill.This skip is mentioned in the last chapter of Death’s Door and as of March, is the This story takes place back in the summer of 1999, like Alpha. *** As treatment after treatment fail to give Linda the remission the family had been praying for, Jackson Herveaux makes a desperate (drunken) plea in the hopes that someone will spare Linda from losing her battle against cancer.After a few months of being spoiled by the mysteriously sweet blood of his bar back, Eric is greedy for more and explores her family tree, calling her cousin… Erik finds more than he bargained for when he visited Bon Temps on a whim.Long story short, read Bored To Death (BTD) first, and just be sure to read In The Dark (ITD) before trying to tackle Nuclear Winter (NW). Who says they picked gemstones to keep track of things?There isn’t a particular reason to worry about being ‘out of order’. 😉 What would have happened if Adele Stackhouse went out on a limb and applied for a position as Erik and Liz’s Personal Assistant (Day-Guy) back when she was first beginning to struggle financially?

*** Starts as a skip in BTD (chapters 35- 37) at the very beginning of September…

This story will be a multi chapter story, but still, a short one. but what would Eric be like if he lost her without having Sookie to help him cope?

Being betrayed by his own Maker, left to rule a Kingdom he has no interest in, and the miserable reality of not having Pam by his side makes for a miserable Eric.

It was the first one written and is the basis for the Multi Verse.

One commonly asked question is regarding what order to read the stories in…

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