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[Read: 15 things you really need to know before planning your first date] After all, the best first dates are ones that seem perfect and memorable even if it seems like it’s all planned in the last minute. It shows that you haven’t planned your date nor have you paid any attention to impressing your date or doing something exciting.One of the most important criteria of a perfect first date is to keep it exciting without bordering on discomfort. A first date should help both of you get to know each other on a romantic note. If your date asks you to suggest something to do *especially if you’re the guy*, make sure you suggest something.It doesn’t matter how new romance blossoms, through friendship or through a chance meeting.What matters is how special the first date turns out to be.In all probability, your new sweetheart will talk about the date with their friends. By sitting next to each other for over an hour and a half at the movies, it can help both of you feel more relaxed in each other’s presence.If you plan an exciting evening, your date’s friends will assume you’re an awesome catch and take your side even before meeting you. But just make sure the movie isn’t the highlight of the date.[Read:13 physical attraction tips to look way hotter!] First date ideas to wow your date First dates are delicate, just like a first kiss.

Flirting is an art that requires confidence without being over the top.Confidence is one of the most sought after qualities in a mate, but most of us walk into dates lacking it.Fear is often the culprit for your lack of confidence. And in that excitement, it’s easy to jump ahead and make some big dating mistakes. If you find yourself drained, burnt out, or overwhelmed by the normal nerves associated with online dating, it’s time to develop a proactive plan to manage your stress.Here are nine things to avoid doing in the first month of dating: 1. While it’s very common to experience jitters, worry about first impressions, have a desire for things to go well, and question if…

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You fear being rejected or not liked and in turn, are awkward.