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Numbers 34:1–15 describes the land allocated to the Israelite tribes after the Exodus.The tribes of Reuben, Gad and half of Manasseh received land east of the Jordan as explained in Numbers –15.The Hebrew Bible provides three specific sets of borders for the "Promised Land", each with a different purpose.Neither of the terms "Promised Land" (Ha'Aretz Ha Muvtahat) or "Land of Israel" are used in these passages: Genesis –21, Genesis 17:8 and Ezekiel –20 use the term "the land" (ha'aretz), as does Deuteronomy 1:8 in which it is promised explicitly to "Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...

The expression "Land of Israel" is first used in a later book, 1 Samuel .

Although the English name "Red Sea" is derived from this name ("Erythraean" derives from the Greek for red), the term denoted all the waters surrounding Arabia—including the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf, not merely the sea lying to the west of Arabia bearing this name in modern English.

Thus, the entire Arabian peninsula lies within the borders described.

Only the "Red Sea" (Exodus ) and the Euphrates are mentioned to define the southern and eastern borders of the full land promised to the Israelites.

The "Red Sea" corresponding to Hebrew Yam Suf was understood in ancient times to be the Erythraean Sea, as reflected in the Septuagint translation.

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