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The number of registered Facebook users is 3,805,480, as of the 1st of November 2012, which is an increase of 194,480 in the last six months.This gives Facebook a penetration of 37.30% of the country’s population and 56.96% in relation to total number of Internet users.When they integrate our services, these sites and apps share information with Google.

In 2015, the online gaming market had a volume of 37.91 billion U. dollars, this figure was forecasted to increase to 59.79 billion U. Online gaming includes such activities as poker, casinos (where people can play traditional casino games, like roulette or blackjack, but online), sports betting, bingo and lotteries. Despite the rapid growth of online gaming, land-based gambling still dwarfs the internet activity.If ad personalization is off, Google will not collect or use your information to create an ad profile or personalize the ads Google shows to you.You will still see ads, but they may not be as useful.These companies can also encourage their employees to join different groups on Linked In that might be beneficial to the company.Technology and manufacturing companies have been attracted to You Tube because video is an excellent means of showcasing products and demonstrating process improvements.

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Apps that use Google advertising services also share information with Google, such as the name of the app and a unique identifier for advertising.

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