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The doctors hit it off and hook up after the evening, and the at-first unlikeable doctor helps April begin to overcome her crisis of faith after he confesses he lost a son, and found his way back into the light through his faith.

Koracick left Seattle after Amelia and Alex's patient decided to leave the hospital and spend the rest of her days watching musicals, but since there was no resolution to his and April's fling, maybe they're doing long distance.

Tim Robbins became father for the first time in his life in 1989 and that was with his girlfriend, Susan Sarandon after dating her for about a year.

She gave birth to their first child together on 15th may and they named their child, Jack Henry Robbins.

Matthew returned to Grey Sloan Memorial after this wife was admitted to give birth to their son.

The baby was born with some complications, and his wife tragically died from a complication, as Matthew begged April to stay away.

Tim Robbins was born to Gil Robbins and Mary Bledsoe Robbins. He received his formal education from Stuyvesant High School. Tim Robbins dreamed to be a great celebrity since his childhood days.He became known to the world as an actor after he portrayed his role in the movie, Bull Durham.It was one of the hit movies of that time as its box office earning was .9 million.revealed a lot of information during Thursday's new episode, but we can't help but wonder about one of the fan-favorite doctor's latest reveal.As the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial dealt with many of their co-workers accidentally getting high after consuming weed cookies, as well as a scandal coming to light when news breaks about the late Harper Avery's past as a sexual harasser, Dr.

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