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They are massive, thick, itchy, woolly, and mostly come in one of the characteristically Norwegian colors (blue, red, or white).They have quirky patterns and look like something your great grandfather may have worn back in the day.But the situation is reversed when it comes to those aged 35-64, with more single women – 271,000 – than men who are unattached. This is a nation that perfected skiing, and they sure as hell are proud of it.After spending a month or so in Nordic weather, you start to see why you need one to survive and somehow convince yourself that they suit your style.Plus, now you’re one step closer to fitting in with the otherwise fashionable Norwegians.

Surprisingly, this rich, creamy soup, filled with vegetables and generally two kinds of fish (salmon and torsk), is a yummy, warm, filling treat.

The sun rarely gives a wave to Norway, but when it does it feels like everyone is burning to go outside.

It might be 5° Celsius, but as long as the sun is out you’re sure to be found outside with your Norwegian friends at Akerbrigge (enjoying a beer in the sun).

And the biggest surplus of single men is in rural areas, at 103 for every 100 women.

The analysis is based on the most recently available census figures for England and Wales and national survey data.

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On top of that, you may also want to watch out for those nasty tax rates averaging about 40% of your pay — they’ll definitely bite.