Dating younger girl wrong portugal dating meet partner site

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Dating younger girl wrong

One of the few comments I caught in one of her posts (before deleting them), which appeared below this entry, is that there are creepy men in every age demographic. I find the ENTIRE CONCEPT of older people dating, boinking, and marrying people five, six, or more years younger than themselves creepy and disgusting. Nice Guy” by all other definitions: if he is dating, boinking, or marrying a 20 year old, he’s creepy and gross for that alone.

If a man is 46 years old but dating or boinking, say, a 17 year old, I don’t care if he normally gives 20% of his income to impoverished third world natives and spends his weekends tutoring orphans in Algebra: he’s a creepy creepster. I thought I was fairly clear on that view, but I guess some folks need to have it spelled out for them.

I’ve had this problem over and over with one friend of mine. Invariably, he rejects them as “not attractive” while asking out the “booth babes” (hired models about 15-20 yrs younger than him), who summarily reject him.

Then, he whines that these girls are shallow and “won’t give a good, smart, financially secure” man a chance.

” —- Some lady left a couple of posts on this blog, disagreeing with me.

yup—these are always the guys who expect the young nubile thing they are looking for to breed with will do all the parenting work and emotional labour in the household/relationship for them.

they have no idea how unfair and unrealistic their expectations are, and are mystified why the perfect family isn’t crystalising for them.

These same men, these posters said, are obese, unemployed, and weird.

One of them is 47 or 48, still a virgin, and feels he is entitled to a woman age 18 to 25 because he is a virgin.

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