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Datingsingapore info

Here are some ways you might consider transcribing the various identifying features of this document.

One hurdle to using historic records is how handwriting has changed over time — and that we don’t write in cursive as much as we used to. Ask yourself if the words or phrases make more sense with an f or an s. Please transcribe the word as spelled or abbreviated in the document, however — do not correct it. Since our options here are houfe of Reprefentatives or house of Representatives, it’s pretty clear which is correct. If you wish, you can include correct spellings or significant un-abbreviated words in brackets following the word or abbreviation or in the [Tag] field. = a date in the previous month (5th ult.) & = et cetera Common “misspellings” and writing conventions attacted = attacked do = ditto evry = every evning = evening fiew = few greaddeal or great eal or gread eal = great deal perhapse = perhaps thare = there verry = very ware = were Common Civil War abbreviations Adjt. The National Archives is the nation’s record keeper. We preserve and provide access to the records of the U. government, including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, as well as the records of ordinary citizens.

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