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Chew on this, the average gay male gets more dick than you'll ever see in 20 lifetimes. There has been way to much confusion around their sexuality for all these years for them not to be at least bi. She said that the FOX PR people called her and threatened her with cutting off access to all their shows/actors if she didn't take it down, which naturally she did. She's a very very nice person, and extremely gay friendly, but she has a big mouth. She insisted at the time, by the way, that Bradley Cooper is NOT gay, but the woman is hardly omniscient.And gay men ARE better looking and better overall than the straight shit you gotta settle for. I only ask because I just flipped through the new Vanity Fair and saw him in party photos with Matt Bomer, Lee Daniels, DL fave Gerard Butler, and some other assorted r123, they are both chocolate goodness. R133, the relationship between closetedness and the actor-studio relationship isn't always so direct.Like there are some male stars who don't seem interested at all in women, even their gfs. he has a happy live, meeting girls, casually dating them and being very respectful to theirs and his privacy. If Matt Bomer were straight, he'd have a girlfriend or there'd be clear evidence that he did have one. He's gay.r42, I don't believe you about Matt Bomer. You are some idiot straight chick trying to hold on to your fantasy about Tyson. So if a guy sucks cock and has ten kids with one woman, he's gay and not bi??It might be unnoticeable to other people but it's recognizable if you've been there. Even some of his biggest fans can see it is not real. Y'all at your firm are having "a good chuckle" about him - is he your client then? Anyone who says that Matt Bomer is straight cannot be take seriously. Why can it be that a guy can prefer a hetero lifestyle but likes to suck an occasional cock? There have been a few rumors about him and his gayness was mentioned in one book like two years ago.

R106 you don't have to give us anything, you little conceited fangurl. Quite a few people heard her (and no one was shocked).While all would be exceptionally pretty gay men, only about half are even remotely agreed upon to be gay.I might think Zac Efron, Chace Crawford and Joe Jonas are cute little twinks, but the fact that I want to fuck them doesn't make them "definitively" gay, nor have I ever heard real details other than the wishful speculation of DLers.But I gues, he is finally getting the attention and recognition he deserves and he has been in Hollywood for a while and know how it works. To OP's list we should add ANYONE who has dated Renee Zellweger, America's Beardheart.As for the definite gay celeb list: Zachary Quinto & Wentworth Miller are the only two gays not out that I am sure about. That youtube vid of Jake's heterosexual prowess is getting a big net push. The word is Austin is very depressed in the closet and eager to come out, and it could be soon.

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This is what they do for a living - it's a profession! Another trick in the book is the "NOT GAY" which means fucks women also; the members of that club being Hugh Jackman, and Chace Crawford crowd. This list is even longer than the exclusively gay list. )Laurence Fishburne (is he even in tne closet anymore)Mathew Broderick Kalan Porter Robert Downey Jr.