Diggy dating anyone Riyadh sex video

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Diggy dating anyone

Not much popular among television or on the internet, the actress Destiny Thompson seemed to be in an open relationship with Diggy in 2010.Although she is rarely noticed by people in televisions, she has been acting in few TV shows as a small role which usually goes unnoticed.The relation seemed to have gone well for few months.Soon, the couples were flashed up in news saying that they were no longer dating each other.

According to him he is in fact currently focused on his career and studies instead of relationships.

Born to a family full of stars, Diggy does not seem to take pride as a star family. The credit of his success and his fame all goes to himself.

After all, it is not his family that has made him a-.75-million star!!!

Although Diggy had declared in an interview that they were only best friends, the public refused to believe him when they were captured publicly kissing each other in the public by a paparazzi.

Although they were expected to get married soon, within few months, some sources reported that the couples have broken up and were no longer dating each other.

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Soon after the upload, it was seen that more than 100,000 people had downloaded his creation within a short period of time.