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the last ones were polish and they were great, kept themselves to themselves chatted on the bus and used to help them with any difficulties, yes the girl was a stunna and most likely laughed about me panting and whining like a dog when ever i saw her anyway the new ones are eastern european and again very well mannered, dressed well and shook my hand, again the girl is like something out of a models page, and the best part is her names alice .... Surely the one thing most of us is attracted to is the voice.

How often are we (rightly or wrongly) influenced by the way someone speaks?

Because of this,the average eastern European woman looks for long term qualities in a man rather than short term,transient ones (looks being one of them).

Its not unusual to see a stunning eastern European woman in the arms of 'fugly' looking guy,something that is quite rare to see in western Europe.

They also go for the right sort of men too, they're not looking for the same thing British women want, because they didn't grow up being brainwashed by our society and mostly our TV/media, players just don't stand a chance with these girls....

All the charm and bullshit just doesn't impress them at all.

Prehaps its the way they dont end up in shop doorways with knickers round there ankles with kebab in one hand an fone in the other telling the 12 yr old babysitter that she be home when dwayne an his mates have finishd.

I dont know if its the effects of the communism era but the commercial,sexual and materialistic corruption of western Europe has not yet reached over into eastern Europe,not just yet.

Hot - comes in many forms, they are or were not bought up, polluted by the commercialism and unrealistic materialistic notions of the west, there ' homely ' and heart-warming quality's, are there too be seen in spades.

Many Western women INC ' British ' - have the same quality's, especially the over 30s, just that it's not shown as much openly, and in as many numbers, and there's a reason for that too. I have to admit some european women are beautiful and have nice slim toned bodies , thats because some of us english women are lazy and we drive everywhere , most of the european women walk everywhere which keeps them slim .

I am half Albanian.dum dum and I can say we are very loyal and family is important. She is a great cook, she can cook everything except probablly Chinese.

I think from visting my family they are laid back, non-judgemental, and very hard working, men and women are equal, as a women you can dress "slutty" and it's just stylish, and guys work thier butts off. No-one's mentioned yet that they seem to be alot more serious than english women!

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I have met many woman whose attractiveness dropped from 100% down to zero after hearing them 'utter sounds' (speak?

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