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If you don't get a satisfactory answer, keep pushing them until you do."If they can't answer it means they don't know.On the heels of its first successful membership drive, WTTW celebrated its second decade of operation on August 15, 1965 by taking up residence in its current home at 5400 North Saint Louis Avenue on the northwest side of the city.Designed by architects Perkins and Will, the new facility was built on five acres of land providing 52,000 square feet of work space.Many of the new channels would be reserved for educational purposes, and Inland Steel Chairman Edward Ryerson made it his mission to make sure that Chicago secured a place on the dial.The Chicago Educational Television Association was formed by Ryerson and other civic leaders to lobby for, create, and fund a new public television station, and WTTW – Window To The World – was born.I can't leave the room without her shouting for me or wanting to be with me." Helen now wants schools to contact second and third numbers if children don't arrive in the morning.Her mother had driven over to the family house in Halifax but couldn't open the door, and noticed the windows were dark and milk had been left out.

During this second decade, WTTW programming moved to another level of distinction.By its first anniversary, WTTW had doubled its program output, telecasting 43 hours a week, and had scored several television firsts for Chicago and the nation: the first remote from Orchestra Hall, the first language course, and the first series on income tax preparation, which culminated in a two-hour .Chicago-area students were able to enroll at one of the participating junior colleges and attend classes at home in front of their television sets.At a temporary studio and offices in Chicago’s Banker’s Building, a new staff of writers and directors was trained for work in television.WTTW’s first program, hit the airwaves on September 6, 1955. John Taylor, former University of Louisville president and deputy director-general of UNESCO, WTTW’s staff of 54 regularly scheduled 40 programs a week, Monday through Friday.

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