Email validating form

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Email validating form

Sometimes it's nice to be able validate field differently depending on the input itself.

allows the validators object and validator options to be a function that should return the constraints/options: Validates the attributes object against the constraints.

The attributes must be a plain object or a form element, things like backbone models etc are not supported.

For the format of the constraints see the constraints section.

You can tell to use any A compatible promise implemention like this: There are already many validation libraries out there today but most of them are very tightly coupled to a language or framework.

The goal of is to provide a cross framework and cross language way of validating data.

Besides accepting all options as the non async validation function it also accepts two additional options; clean Attributes which, unless before resolving the promise and wrap Errors which can be a function or constructor that will be called with the errors, options, attributes and constraints if an error occurs.

If you want to use async validation you need to use a runtime that supports Promises.provides a declarative way of validating javascript objects.It is unit tested with 100% code coverage and can be considered fit for production.They are meant to give a feeling for how to use the library and should not be considered production ready code.The native HTML form validate has been disabled in a demo purpose so that you may see how works in action.

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supports async validations through the returns a Promise that is resolved if the validation passes and is rejected if the validation failed, passing the errors as the first argument.

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