Error updating jscript intellisense see error list

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Error updating jscript intellisense see error list

I also am not nearly done with converting the doc comments so the intellisense isn't as robust as it could (eventually will) be.

I think my main problem is actually more to do with master pages that anything else..

regards Frank I believe that the intellisense for JS in Visual Studio has the potential to be well beyond that of any of the IDEs I've worked with.

However, MS needs to handle things so that it is more forgiving in its precompile and the apparent ram and/or resource limitations are a real pain if your development system can't handle it.

So, "var store = Store()" will give intellisense off of the variable "store" and off of "Store()" itself. But, as I said, getting this will take work from the community.

In an earlier post in this thread I gave a link to the docs for the xml comments.

Certainly, at this time, Aptana and other IDEs have solutions that are easier to put to use. Also, I found reason of error: "Warning 306 Error updating JScript Intelli Sense: Client-side script Intelli Sense information was not generated due to an error in an external script reference. 1 1 Chat/" It is happen when we include in reference: /// if we delete microsoft Ajax - all ok. So, I think, the problem in parsing extender of basic types...

There is a line in that does this and needs to be commented out).Also, to get the full benefit of it, the community will have to spend some time applying MS's xml comments to the Ext sources.This is no small undertaking given the number of functions in the framework.Also, it seems that javascript references do not stack.So if one file depends on another, you can't simply call the two files seperately via the Shawn I don't how good or bad is intellisense in vs 2008, I would like to use it because using the same IDE to javascript and c# will be good, I guess less amount of physical ram, but if vs2008 don't work I will work with Intelli JIDEA where it do code complete with ext2, could you share your experience about how good is today work javascript from vs2008 in real projects?

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If one file depends on functions of another, it won't see those functions.

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