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Wesley This problem looks like an overlooked medical condition. She used to complain of having problems with gas, kidney, and I used to feel a funny foul smell from her, but I thought it was from heavy day's work. Lately I am more aware of myself developing the same signs that she had.Foul/stool smell from the body, tiredness even after 12 hrs sleep, pain in the calf (backside of the leg), bloating in the abdomen, tooooo much gas(abnormally too much gas).More likely, it was a bacterial condition that was passed on to you through kissing, sharing eating utensils or straws and glasses, or simply close contact. iam not alone omg i have the same problem well i think my odor comes from my skin i think it comes from my body i know that not anywhere specific but i went to countless doctors that everytime i go to a new doctor its the same thing "oh did you have sicknesses before you have anything i should know about okay well here is priolsec good luck now bye " and i get so pissed off i tell them it must be acid reflux thats all they do this is my symptoms i get a sensation of heat mostly on my back and start to smell like poop eggs you name any foul odor in the family and i get it and a usual crap smell everyday wow the same thing happened to me I was dating a girl and I noticed she was tired and sleeping all day "fatigue" then I started having symptoms I was sooo tired and I felt like I had to move my bowels all of the time I went to the doctors and tested for STD' S and it came back I felt soo sick all the doctor came up with was chronic fatigue syndrome and most people thought that it was a made up condition all in a persons I smelled like feces so I went to a gastroenterologist and they ran every test also negative so I thought it was all in my head it must be nerves. E., and (b) does not mean that the patient has any other distinct illness named CFS.' M. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is an artificial construct created in the US in 1988 for the benefit of various political and financial vested interest groups.Even antibiotics don't always kill all of the infectious bacteria, and contagious, smelly gas-related conditions are usually bacteria-related. I thought I was crazy but I felt soo tired and kind of in a I started dating someone else and she got sick and said she could barely get out of bed because she felt really achey and wow I felt relieved that I wasn't crazy I knew I was sick but I felt bad because she got sick.needless to say it ruined my life I lost friends and family ,jobs because of the fecal body odor it has to be some kind of STD that they have not discovered yet. Some medical insurance companies (and others) decided that they would prefer not to lose many millions of dollars on so many new claims and so they created a new vague fictional disease category called ' Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' to try to confuse the issue of M. It is a mere diagnosis of exclusion based on the presence of gradual or acute onset fatigue lasting 6 months.This could be a sexually viral disease that has been ignored.Especially when it comes with bloating and distension, that could be due to symptoms from a viral disease resembling hepatitis A, B and C or, herpes zoster/shingles.He just said he didn't see anything big and Its probably genetic why I smell this way. Sorry about the long question I just wanted to try to get as much as I could in.He wouldn't give me any blood or stool tests not sure why. A year ago I had a perenial abcess that I had to get drained and has returned in the same spot after doing an enema a week ago. Does anybody have a similar experience or any advice that might help? I would see a Naturopathic Doctor again but I can't afford it anymore.

Please google it and read about it and I guarantee you'll believe me I highly doubt this was a sexually transmitted condition. E.; even though the existing evidence has been published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals around the world and spans over 70 years. ' CFS' in contrast, is not a distinct disease. Every diagnosis of CFS - based on any of the CFS definitions - can only ever be a misdiagnosis. The fact that a person qualifies for a diagnosis of ' CFS' (a) does not mean that the patient has M. Far fewer than 0.5% of the population has the distinct neurological disease known since 1956 as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.After eating better and taking shower after shower things got worse. I remember one day I walked into the cafeteria and people were screaming and running out every door.Around 16 years old I started drinking off and on thinking I would forget about it and it would go away. The whole building was just filled with a rotten egg odor- times 1 million. I had a question about an odor problem I've been experiencing on and off for 15 years.First off, when I was younger I was pumped with antibiotics for constant ear infections.

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