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Free sex dirtymen

Anticipating being used as a dirty sex slave for some good bondage, I could feel the warmth and moistness between my legs.

Though I was helpless and everything was disturbing and inconveniencing me, it was a bit of turn on.

Brothers, now join me”, the figure raised its voice.

I heard more footsteps coming down the stairs, and I saw numerous cloaked figures entering the basement. All figures were having black masks on their faces, they surrounded me in a circle.

So, for some reason and from this time I have known that she has a fetish for sperm.

The first guy pumped his cock and when he came, he was just holding his cock at the base letting his cum flow out freely.Soon they changes places and now 2 other lucky men were fucking me. I was feeling like some dirty slut getting my fuck severely!As they cocks swell, I could tell that they were getting closer to orgasm. I could feel the warm clear liquid begin to build up in their balls. The explosion of semen was supposed to be very massive, coz each cock could no longer contain its warm sticky fluid!Now moving even closer, the massive cock of lowered over my face, and the figure spoke: “We understand and know that you have an appeal for fresh cum, girl”.When I tried to respond, my voice quivered: “Ahhh, yeahh, I do”. It’s the ceremony where you will satisfy your desire for warm semen.

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Moving closer to the table they began to rub their warm rigid pre cums all over my face, tits, stomach and legs. They freed my hands and feet from the ropes, and slid me down to the end of the table to use my aching pussy.

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