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She was giving me a blow job while I was fingering her, then turns to me and asks if I want her to hop on and I say yes. Well that's what I expected from my previous times with hookers, but what really happens is this. My wife loved it and thought it was because I really missed her.

About a year later my wife takes the kids out of town on a trip with her friend.

I walked away and one by one everyone else took their cups -- for all I knew my friend would get the cup with my jizz in it, which would not be a turn on to me at all.

But no, there were four coffees poured and I quickly took a spoon and swiped it across my hand, gathering up a lot of jizz and dumped it into a cup, swished it around and then took another cup and with the same spoon mixed cream and sugar into my own coffee.

They all have different tastes but one thing is for sure: first off, they are hot so I'm kind of attracted (obviously) but second, I'm really jealous b/c I want some cute panties like they have, and to look adorable wearing them, like they do... If I am watching porn, I see the guy getting close and the girl turns around and opens her mouth, and I may lie to myself and say that I wish I was the guy, or I may lie and say that I wish the girl was my wife doing some guy, but the truth is, I wish that I was THAT girl, getting fucked by some hottie and then swallowing his load while I'm dressed all girly. lol I also like the idea of you and I dancing around in our panties together to some loud music before he got there and just having a crazy-fun time. I was not and still do not consider myself gay, but when I get really horny I get in this depraved sense of mind.

Please enter your nickname below and press connect. Please follow the rules listed at the bottom of the page. I am scheduled with another whore before I leave tomorrow. but being the cautious guy i am, i have been using Window Washer software for years. every pic i saw that it recovered were pics that i had seen in the past few weeks since i last ran the Window Washer software. shes coming into town in a couple weeks with her hubby and baby, and i want to know if i should try anything, and if so how should i go about it? Sometimes I touch their ass, hips, tits like accidentally then I cum like a crazy.I know it's stupid and I've already tempted fate twice and got away clean, but in there somewhere I'm hoping that I get to bareback it with this one too..... it is suppose to permanently wipe clean all traces of deleted files (pics, emails, etc.). Are there really all these images of cp still on my computer? They are hot is that normal behavior OMG so I had these few dreams last night and now I'm freaking dying over here.ok so i fucked this gorgeous college grad 2 days ago...wife doesnt know it. ISSUE-can you permanently delete pics from your computer?? i come to this fucked up site because i find it amusing. What if the FBI comes knocking (for who knows what reason), or maybe a computer repair guy checks out my computer? so i downloaded the Recuva and ran it on my computer. and i choose the option for it to recover only pics as i don't give a shit about emails and stuff. Maybe I'm just repressed or a 'lil weird but this stuff makes me so antsy in the pantsy.Omg this girls name is Chantal..pussy tasted so good, never has it been so good, she sucked my dick til i came, and seriously waited for me to get it back..awesome is that...i bent her over my work desk and moved her silk thong to the side and fucked her till she came, and after that..went back to her desk ,,,,she is reception..helped my wife with copies when she came in ;) ...should i do as far as keeping it a secret? the other day i saw a thread here which says you really can't permanently delete all pics from your computer, and to prove the point it said to download Recuva, which is a highly rated (by CNET)software that recovers deleted pics and other files. i have seen not just questionable material over the years, but also hard core cp. if they use this Recuva software, or something like it, will they find illegal material on my computer? Anyways (and I've labeled them by letter so if you have a comment you can just use the letter ^_^): A. ' she smiles, 'and I wanna see where this goes and I don't wanna ruin any chance I have of getting some, so I'm not going to wear my rings when I'm around him.' I cringe, but inwardly my dick is getting hard, 'so you would let him...?

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I kept an eye on the cups and what ended up happening was their 15-year-old daughter took the cup with my jizz in it.