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Frind dating

Ryan and I have gone on countless “dates.” He takes me for sushi, for coffee, for whatever I want, and he wants anything in return.He chuckles in that way that is just Ryan, and he kindly refuses my offer to pay because he knows I can’t.This caused me to sleep with any lowlife who walked in front of me. He still loves me, even after all of I easily cry when I think about my life before I got help.

This is unwavering kindness — he’s not paying to win my love, he’s paying because he knows I have two sons to take care of.He would later find out that this succubus had undiagnosed borderline personality disorder, which explained the acid she spewed on his life. Six months into our friendship, I was diagnosed with borderline.Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is perhaps the most dreaded diagnosis a psych patient can get.That’s indirectly helping me take care of my family.Ryan is the first man I’ve never slept with before building a deep connection.

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This is massively important in order for me to heal and have healthy relationships.

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