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Spend some time in a location that is known to be haunted.

No one knows why some people respond physically (i.e. As mentioned earlier, the human body is remarkably sensitive and can sense changes in the external environment.

The number of people who feel absolutely nothing in the presence of strong paranormal activity is very, very small—however, factors such as your physical health, your mental and emotional state, your intelligence/awareness, and your belief system could all play a role in how you respond. There have been many scientific studies done on Extra Sensory Perception, which seems to be the ability used when sensing a spirit or haunting.

I am seeking a Ghost Writer to write a few blogs/week that entertain and inform readers. A blog will be written for men or women, not the same dating blog for both. You: *Have a good writing portfolio of lifestyle features (dating/relationships preferred).Blogs are to be easy to read, informative, funny and SEO friendly. *Experienced writer for SEO *Perfectionist in your writing, spelling, formatting and grammar.*Funny *Love the topic of dating and relationships Me: • I been in the field for many years and have a view on dating and relationships. I hope to find a ghost writer that I have an ongoing work relationship with and not a one-time thing. I rather have a short great blog than a long boring one that just tries for word count or SEO. Some people get goosebumps—other people feel cold spots, or hot spots, or increased heartbeat. The human body—and the surrounding electromagnetic field—is remarkably sensitive to changes in the external environment, and will respond to these changes. Doesn't always happen, but it freaks me out when it does. Different people feel different things around ghosts. A "bad vibe" feeling (in the form of goosebumps, increased heartbeat) is commonly felt in areas where negative emotionally-charged events have happened—such as death, car accidents, battle wounds, or suicide.

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When I tried to call my husband, no sound came out of my mouth.

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